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    About us

    Located in a national high-tech industrial development park -Binjiang District of Hangzhou, HangZhou XHSynbio Co., Ltd. is a biological high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, production and sale of Enzyme preparations, Chiral drug intermediates, Astaxanthin, Lycopene and other products. Consisted of professors of Zhejiang University and overseas students as core members, our technology R & D team uses genetic engineering, metabolic engineering and other technical means to build high-yield strains, and obtain Enzyme preparations or whole cells by optimizing process, thereby produce high value-added products in biocatalytic method. Our biological manufacturing of enzymatic synthesis owns the features as low carbon recycle, green and clean, etc.

    Currently, our company is settled in Hangzhou Tianhe Biomedical Industry Park, with a three hundred square meters of pilot scale platform. Our technical team has two doctors and four masters, and the rest members are college-level education, with teacher Yu Hongwei leader of research and development. Now, we have profound knowledge and experience several fields such as construction of high-yield strain, production of Enzyme preparations, synthesis of chiral drugs, and industrialization, etc. Up to now, we have published over 60 R&D achievements in well-known SCI journal, and obtained nearly 10 patents; we also got one Second Prize of Technology Invention from China Petroleum and Chemical Association. Teacher Cai Xuechu is the marketing leader of our company: he was studying for a master's degree in Industrial and commercial management in National Development Research Institute of Peking University since 2014; with professional market analysis, plus accumulated wealth of customers and market resources, as well as the extensive knowledge of economics of himself, he has a unique insight for the marketing strategy and sales management strategy of team, ands then lay a solid foundation for the opening and expansion of market.

    Our company now has two Chinese invention patents, and all products own independent intellectual property rights. Our first products such as chiral phenethyl alcohol series, Lipase XHlip-O (for specialty oils and fats processing), Lipase XHlip-F (for the preparation of chiral chemicals) have achieved large-scale production, enjoying good prospects for development. Our goal is to make our company into an innovative high-tech company in the field of bio-catalytic conversion of China within three years, and develop 2-3 key product; through taking it as a starting point, we are going to build a team integrating research and development, market development and capital operation. Through seeking cooperation with universities and research institutes constantly, and combining independent innovation with open innovation, we are going to experience rapid growth and strive to be an innovative high-tech biotechnology company.

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    HangZhou XHSynbio Co., Ltd. Add: Room 2D-511, No.688 Binan Road, Binjiang District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China        Contact: Yu Xinyan (Mr.)
    Tel: +86-571-86706360         E-mail: exe@xhsynbio.com

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